Production Line

  1. Factory’s capacity
  2. Packaging and Transportation
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Product Certification

Factory’s capacity

With comprehensive facilities, we specialise in milling all kinds of rice to offer a growing family of top-quality rice products under progressive developments in manufacturing. Our factories, with highly innovative milling machines, has strong capability handling the all-year-round milling operation control.

Milling's Capacity

Packaging and Transportation

We provide our customers with professional service facilities, whether it is a full container load or break-bulk cargo. With highly innovative packaging machines and international standard loading processes of loading capacity for more than 4,500 metric tons/day strictly controlled by SG Rice Group, customers can come to trust our safe and secure of their valuable product shipment and delivery.


  • New Single Woven Polyethylene bags with or without gussets as your requests.
  • Different sizes: 8, 15, 25 , 50 , 100 kg. packets to meet varied needs of our customers.
  • Bags with your designs and logos or our own house brands.


Our transportation Capability:

  • Domestic transportation by clean and certified trucks and trailers.
  • Ship to Vessel Berths and Ports: Barge and Lighter, Ocean Vessel.
  • Guarantee your products safe by insurance from the milling plant to the port or as your requirements with negotiate price (optional).

Quality Assurance

Quality is inherent part of our corporate culture with stringent quality procedure to adhere to cross our global facilities. Our company has been accredited with various quality certificate.


Certified by United Registrar of Systems (URS) and Wolfgant Plath.




Product Certification

Our Thai Hom Mali Rice Products are guaranteed for “Original THAI HOM MALI RICE” Certification Marks by Department of Foreign Trade and Department of Internal Trade. With these marks assuring that you will be served by original Thai Hom Mali Rice ; the unique fragrant rice of Thailand!

Original THAI HOM MALI RICE Certificate Masks