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High Nutrient Rice

Brown Rice/Cargo Rice

Brown Rice or Cargo Rice is an intact whole grain rice, containing both the bran and the germ with only the outer hull removed. It has a mild & nutty flavour, chewy texture, contain high nutrition and high fibre and is strongly considered as a source for multi vitamins. Well-known as one of the best choice of food for healthy lifestyle.

Thai Riceberry Rice

Riceberry is a cross-bred of Hom Mali (Jasmine 105) rice and Hom Nil (Black Fragrant) rice. The rice is deep purple in colour, well-known for the light fluffy texture with Hom Mali Rice flavour plus its high antioxidants properties, high fibre with various kind of minerals. It is encouraged to be raised only by Thai organic farming during cold weather.



OEM Products / Your Own Brands

With great pleasure and fully high-standard equipment, we are ready to support and deliver all rice product you need! Our modern technology and innovative process lines are the key of fulfillment for all your requirements ensuring that your orders will be produced and packed effectively. Whatever grades, specifications, packing types, and shipment methods you require, we are professional to make it happen fast and efficiently.


Our Brands



Twin Singh

Twin Singh

We are proud to present our own brands of Pure Thai Hom Mali Rice to the world markets. With best quality guaranteed by Thai Chamber Commerce and Department of Foreign Trade under the Certification Mark “THAI HOM MALI RICE’, our selected brands “Phetsiam” and “Twin Singh” are proudly recommended as your choice. We are very pleased to be your business partner. For more information, your requests and your inquiries are truly welcome.